English learners often have a hard time with the words make and do. What is the difference between them, and where are these two words used? Do is a general action verb. It usually refers to work, chores, and common activities. Make usually refers to creating or constructing something. It […]

Do vs. Make

Do you love to see new places and experience other cultures? What are the best (and worst) parts of traveling? In this conversation lesson, we’ll practice talking about travel, transportation, and culture. Introduction Watch the following YouTube video about a man who is walking across the world:   Intro Discussion […]

Travel Conversation Lesson

Halloween is here, and you might want to talk about your favorite horror movie or ghost story. But what are the rights words to use? Scared, afraid, and frightened are often confusing for English students, so let’s break down their meaning and grammar. Meaning Usually, scared, afraid, and frightened all mean the same thing, a […]

Scared, Afraid, and Frightened

A stack of books
Introduction Watch the following YouTube video about a woman who found comfort and inspiration in life when her first dream didn’t work out: Intro Discussion Questions Do you agree with the speakers’s idea that “Coming true is not the only purpose of a dream; it’s most important purpose is to […]

Books Conversation Lesson

Introduction Do you think animals have the capacity for friendship, like humans? Watch this video and discuss the questions that follow: Intro Discussion Questions Are these friendships the same as human friendships? Do you think that you’ve ever been friends with an animal? Do you think that these relationships are common? […]

Animals Conversation Lesson