Animals Conversation Lesson



Do you think animals have the capacity for friendship, like humans? Watch this video and discuss the questions that follow:

Intro Discussion Questions

  • Are these friendships the same as human friendships?
  • Do you think that you’ve ever been friends with an animal?
  • Do you think that these relationships are common?
  • Why do you think these animals made friends with such unlikely other species?

New Words

Domesticated (adj.) tame and kept as a pet or on a farm

  • Chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years.

Feral (adj.) existing in a wild, natural state, especially after being domesticated.

  • The woods are full of feral cats who escaped from a farmhouse nearby and have been living on their own ever since.

Captivity (n.) The state of being held in a place (for instance, a jail or a zoo) and not being able to leave.

  • I like seeing the animals in zoos, but it makes me sad that they are kept in captivity.

Housebroken (adj.) trained to live indoors peacefully with humans, not destroying furniture or peeing and pooping in the wrong places.

  • My dog used to poop on the carpet until he was housebroken.

Rescue (v): to save someone or something from a dangerous or distressing situation.

  • Example: I rescued my dog from a life the streets.

Predator (n.) An animal who hunts and kills other animals for food. (also known as a carnivore – a meat eater)

  • Example: Sharks are some of the fiercest predators.

Prey (n.) An animal who is hunted by predators. (many are also herbivores – plant eaters)

  • Example: Gazelles and other prey animals have an instinct to run from danger.

Territorial (adj.) living on and defending a particular piece of land

  • Example: Lions are very territorial, and they will attack other lions who wander into land they consider to be theirs.

Animal Similes

Writers love to compare people’s characteristics to those of animals. See if you can complete these common similes from the list of animals below.

bee, bat, lion, mouse, mule, dog, fox, ox, peacock, lamb

As clever as a…

As stubborn as a…

As gentle as a…

As quiet as a…

As blind as a…

As sick as a…

As proud as a…

As busy as a…

As brave as a…

As strong as a…

Discussion Questions

  • Do you like animals? What are your favorite animals? Your least favorite animals?
  • Do you have any pets? Do you want one?
  • Do you think animals have thoughts and emotions?
  • What animals do you eat? Why do you eat those animals, and not others?
  • Would you ever go hunting?
  • What animal do you think has the best life?
  • If you could be any animal, what would you be?
  • What can people learn from animals?
  • Do you know anyone who owns an unusual pet?
  • Have you ever been to a farm? What kinds of animals did you see there?
  • Have you ever killed an animal?
  • Do you think children can learn a lot from raising animals or having pets?
  • What kinds of wild animals have you seen in your life?
  • Do you think animals and humans are meant to live together?
  • What do you think are the most intelligent animals?
  • Do you think animals talk to each other?
  • Do you think animals are “lower” forms of life than humans?
  • Do you think a human could ever really understand an animal?