The Present Tenses

The simple present tense in English is used to describe actions that are repeated, habitual, true, or factual. Despite the name, you can also use simple present for things that are about to happen in the near future. We also use the simple present when describing states of being or […]

Simple Present Tense

Like the present perfect tense, the present perfect continuous tense (also known as the present progressive) can refer to either the present or the past time. Generally, it refers to actions that happened over a period of time and recently stopped. Sometimes it can be used interchangeably with the Present […]

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

The present continuous tense, also known as the present progressive, is most often used to talk about actions that are happening right now, temporary situations, and annoying habits. Like the simple present, it can also be used to talk about definite future plans. It is formed by using the present […]

The Present Continuous Tense

Generally, the present perfect tense talks about actions that happened at an unspecified past time and uncompleted actions or events in the present time. It can be tricky because it refers to present time in some contexts, and past time in others. Unlike the simple past tense,┬áthe present perfect tense […]

Present Perfect Tense