Introduction Do you think animals have the capacity for friendship, like humans? Watch this video and discuss the questions that follow: Intro Discussion Questions Are these friendships the same as human friendships? Do you think that you’ve ever been friends with an animal? Do you think that these relationships are common? […]

Animals Conversation Lesson

  “Down the Rabbit Hole” is the title of the first chapter in Lewis Carroll’s classic absurdist fairy tale, “Alice in Wonderland.” On the first page, Alice is sitting dreamily beside a riverbank when suddenly a white rabbit runs by. Noticing that the rabbit is not only talking to itself, […]

Idioms: Down a Rabbit Hole

Preaching to the choir is a common English Idiom that means “trying to convince someone of something that they already believe.” Imagine a preacher in a church, directing his sermon at the choir. They already believe it; that’s why they’re in the church choir. Preaching to the choir doesn’t change […]

Idioms: Preaching to the Choir

Learning English is a piece of cake! “A piece of cake” is a common idiom that means “extremely easy to accomplish.” Examples: “Exams in this class are a piece of cake, so I’m not even going to study.” “After studying Latin, learning Italian was a piece of cake.” “I thought […]

Idioms: A Piece of Cake