Purchase Lessons

Before you purchase lessons, you’ll probably want to read about lessons and sign up to take a 30-minute free trial lesson first.  All prices are in US Dollars. Make sure you read my Terms of Service before making your purchase.

*For students who started with me in 2016, these prices will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

Conversation and/or Grammar Lessons

$25 USD each, sold in packs of 6. Read more about Basic Conversation Lessons.

6 x $25 = $150

 Writing and Test-Prep Lessons

$30 USD each, sold in packs of 6. Read more about Comprehensive Lessons.

6 x $30 = $180

Eight-Lesson Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Course

$35 USD each, sold in a pack of 8. Read more about the Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Course.

8 x $35 = $280


If you’ve bought a lesson pack and later decide you’d like to change the type of lesson, just let me know and we can adjust payment.

All transactions are processed securely through Paypal, which offers secure payment through credit cards or bank accounts. Once you make a payment, Paypal should send you a confirmation email, and so will I.

If you have any questions about purchasing lessons, scheduling, or my Terms of Service, please feel free to contact me.