An ape ponders the conditional tense.
Conditionals use “if clauses” and describe the results of possible situations. Conditionals can be tricky because the verb tenses in the conditional clause don’t always refer to the same time period that they usually do. There are four main types of conditionals: Zero Conditional or “Present Real Conditional” This conditional […]


Japanese Street Fashion
Introduction: Watch this Youtube video about girls who dress in the Decora style in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood: Intro Discussion Questions: What do you think motivates these young people to dress this way? Do you like their style? If knew that no one would judge you, would you wear Decora style, […]

Fashion Conversation Lesson

There are many ways to talk about the future in English. “Will” and “going to” are both used to talk about events happening at specific times in the future, but they are often used to express different meanings. Sometimes, the simple present or present continuous tenses are used to talk […]

Simple Future Tense: “Will” and “Going to”

We use the future perfect tense when we view events from a future point in time, and talk about events that happened up to and before it. Forming Future Perfect with will:   Subject Will Have Main Verb (Past Participle) Rest of Sentence I, you, he, she, it, we, they […]

Future Perfect

  We use the future continuous tense to talk about things that will happen over a period of time in the future. Like simple future, we can use either “will” or “going to” with the future continuous tense, but unlike simple future, there is no difference in meaning. Note: Like […]

Future Continuous

  We use the future perfect continuous tense when we discuss things happening for a period of time and ending at a specific time in the future. Forming Future Perfect Continuous with will:   Subject Will Have Been Main Verb (Present Participle) Rest of Sentence I, you, he, she, it, […]

Future Perfect Continuous