Puns: Adorable Otters 1

Did you know that otters sometimes hold hands when they sleep, to keep from drifting apart? Besides being completely adorable, it’s also a great opportunity for puns! There are many otters puns, and I couldn’t choose just one of them, so here are some of my favorites:

You otter hold my hand.

We otter spend some time together.

You’re my significant otter.

Let’s not see otter people.

Why are they funny?

“Otter” sounds like “ought to.” The first two sentences could mean, “You ought to hold my hand,” and “We ought to spend some time together.”

“Otter” also sounds like “other,” making the next two sentences “You’re my significant other,” (“significant other” is a rather formal way to say “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” or “spouse.”) and “Let’s not see other people” (“Let’s see other people is a cliche English break-up line.).

Can you think of any “otter” otter puns? Let me know!

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