Rebecca Tu, from Taiwan

If you’re searching an English tutor now, then Lee must be your first choice, especially for a person who has special requests, like preparing for IELTS.

Here are several reasons why I recommend Lee for you.

First, Lee is interesting, passionate, and professional, so I don’t feel uncomfortable and nervous when I talk to her. Lee always does her best to make me have confidence in using English. Secondly, each course is unique to me. I prepared for IELTS, so I discussed my requirements with her. Consequently, we had a simulation IELTS speaking and writing lecture in each lesson. Thus, I had to finish an IELTS writing then send it to her before each meeting. After a while, I would receive the essay with grammar errors marked, then I would have to correct it before the meeting. This progress helped me to learn fast. Thirdly, Lee records my advances and deficiencies after each lesson. Therefore, I ensure that I’m improving my English instead of using English incorrectly when I read the record. To sum up, I strongly recommend Lee to you because of her professionalism and elasticity. Additionally, I have decided to continue my English journey with Lee.

I also firmly suggest choosing “Comprehensive Lessons” because I chose these lessons and I learned a wealth of knowledge. The most important part is writing homework because you can apply new fixed phrases and vocabulary in your essay. Also, you will understand why you have grammar errors and how to correct them through each lecture.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free trial lesson, then you will choose Lee as your tutor!