As other students already mentioned, Lee is the best English teacher I have ever known!

I was looking for an English teacher to improve my English writing skills. Lee was the perfect teacher for what I was looking for! She is a very kind, open-minded and intelligent person. She is not only an excellent teacher, but also a great listener. She encourages me to speak up for myself, and write about myself in English.

Her lessons always satisfy my intellectual curiosity. She pays attention carefully to my interests during a lesson to make it more exciting for me. For example, she planned a lesson about Black American music culture for me because of my request. She works really hard to design original custom-made lessons for me; And they are always extremely interesting!

I highly recommend Lee’s English lessons. Her lessons made my English learning experience very exciting and positive. I cannot find any English class like hers in Japan!

Ai K., from Japan

Lee is one of the best English teachers I have ever met! With her help, I got IELTS score of 7 and was admitted to an U.S. MBA program! Here are some reasons for my recommendation. First of all, her lessons are interesting. I quite enjoyed watching fun videos while learning new words and knowledge. Second of all, she is so patient that I could share my opinions over the subject without feeling any stress. Finally, she is enthusiastic and professional. Lee gave me many constructive suggestions on interview skills, improving my confidence significantly. All in all, I deeply appreciated her assistance during my preparation for B-schools and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a breakthrough in English speaking.

K.S. Lin, from Taiwan

If you’re searching an English tutor now, then Lee must be your first choice, especially for a person who has special requests, like preparing for IELTS.

Here are several reasons why I recommend Lee for you.

First, Lee is interesting, passionate, and professional, so I don’t feel uncomfortable and nervous when I talk to her. Lee always does her best to make me have confidence in using English. Secondly, each course is unique to me. I prepared for IELTS, so I discussed my requirements with her. Consequently, we had a simulation IELTS speaking and writing lecture in each lesson. Thus, I had to finish an IELTS writing then send it to her before each meeting. After a while, I would receive the essay with grammar errors marked, then I would have to correct it before the meeting. This progress helped me to learn fast. Thirdly, Lee records my advances and deficiencies after each lesson. Therefore, I ensure that I’m improving my English instead of using English incorrectly when I read the record. To sum up, I strongly recommend Lee to you because of her professionalism and elasticity. Additionally, I have decided to continue my English journey with Lee.

I also firmly suggest choosing “Comprehensive Lessons” because I chose these lessons and I learned a wealth of knowledge. The most important part is writing homework because you can apply new fixed phrases and vocabulary in your essay. Also, you will understand why you have grammar errors and how to correct them through each lecture.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free trial lesson, then you will choose Lee as your tutor!

Rebecca Tu, from Taiwan

I had a TOEFL preparation with Lee for a month and a half. For that short period of time, she taught me a lot. She is a great teacher. The things I liked the most about her are that she is really well organized, patient and professional. One of the great things is that she had a personal record about my classes so I was able to keep track of my progress. That was really helpful because I became completely aware of work dynamics.
If you are not sure that she is the right choice you can schedule a free trail class like I did, and I am sure that after that you will choose Lee as your tutor.

Danijela, Serbia

I am so lucky to have Lee as my teacher. She is always kind and helpful. We don’t practice English in a boring way. Instead, she gives me a lot of interesting materials and that help me learn English more naturally. I also appreciate her attitude, as she is always punctual and fully prepared. I would recommend her to all friends who want to improve their English in every aspect: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. No matter which part, she has useful advice and techniques. Now l feel more confident in communicating with others in English.

Colby C., from Taiwan

Lee has all the characteristics of the perfect English teacher: she’s patient, clear in explanations, and very professional. Lee is a very friendly person, and you can speak about different topics with her. After I began to use Lee’s lessons, I can feel that my English is improving day after day. She sends me feedback reports, which are really useful for me to correct mistakes. Her lessons help me a lot, and  I like them!

If you are thinking about taking a trial lesson, do it, and you should probably choose Lee for your teacher! I plan to continue her classes!

Stefana V., from Serbia

I am Japanese. The lessons of Ms. Lee helped me a lot in learning how to express my ideas. She took time and listened to me so patiently. With various linguistic resources like video and articles from the Internet, each time I felt some progress. I was so lucky to have a chance to experience these lessons. Time always passed unbelievably quickly!

Mihoho, from Japan

Besides her cool American accent and polite English expressions, I like Lee’s being patient, thoughtful and always respecting my culture; all of that has made me not afraid of talking and asking questions. We began with fundamentals, such as pronunciation and reading, and now she is helping my writing. Being well-read and having good taste in English, Lee is no doubt a wonderful teacher in composition instruction. Not only does she correct my grammar errors and inappropriate expressions, she also encourages me to organize my thoughts more logically while keeping my style as much as possible at the same time. After over half a year’s English classes with her, I am now much more confident in my English. So, Lee, thank you! And you always know that I like you so much.

SJ Zhuang, from Taiwan

In the second week after I moved to Pittsburgh, I searched for classes to be prepared for the TOEFL and to improve my English. I experienced a free class with Lee. The class was great, so I decided take a package for a month. The classes are going great, I already can see the differences from the first class until now. She is a very hard-working teacher, very kind and accessible. I feel more confident now with my communication, reading, comprehension and writing. I still have a lot to learn, but I will improve these and other points with Lee. I totally recommend English with Lee.

Thais Ligo, from Brazil

I was looking for a teacher who would help me improve my communication skills and correct my pronunciation.  When I started to learn with Lee, I was impressed by her lessons. They are not standard, but are specialized for every student.  She is always carefully prepared for every lesson based on my personal “weak skills”.  Also, she explains in details how to pronounce the particular sounds and words, which greatly helps me understand why I say words incorrectly and how to correct them. Recording is another great tool, which allows me to listen to the previous lessons and to keep practicing by myself. I can definitely say that I made progress with Lee’s lessons and greatly appreciate them!

Anna S., from Russia

I am really happy that I took this fantastic program over the summer. I’ve been studying pronunciation for over a year now. I found this program online and thought I’d give it a try. As I had studied the International phonetic alphabet already, I was able to catch the program very easily. This course was totally personalized, so it covered what I have to improve. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation to the next level. Thank you so much!

Sam S., from Sri Lanka

I thank Lee for 10 lesson of excellent English! You can see the result if you study often and much, so I advise at least 10 lessons at once !!! Lee offers a variety of options for training: video, reading, writing, communication … the first free short lesson on Skype can be important to you, and will allow you to see and feel the strengths and possibilities of her teaching!!!! Thank you very much! I plan to continue her classes!  👏👏👏👏👏

Marina S., from Ukraine

She’s a great and active tutor. From the first lesson, she understood my exact need. She focused on the conversation and TOEFL preparation test. Her way of tutoring provided me with self-confidence and the desire to learn more! I recommend her for all students who want to deepen their knowledge of English.

Sameem B, from Iraq

It was a real pleasure working with Lee! Lee is a creative and positive person with great energy. She constantly inspires you to improve your language and allows you to grow in the most appropriate way. I’ve worked with her for 2.5 months and now I can definitely say that I will miss our classes a lot! I can warmly recommend her services and guarantee that you will have a lot of fun during constructive English classes! 🙂

Ana C., from Serbia

Lee is the best English teacher I have met.

Lee is professional; she always provides lessons best suited to my needs and gives me valuable suggestions.

Lee is enthusiastic; she not only prepares various and interesting topics before classes, she also builds a funny learning environment to help me absorb more new knowledge.

Lee is patient; she always encourages me articulate my opinion more and corrects my inappropriate expressions in a polite way.

Lee’s Professional-Enthusiastic-Patient way of teaching is just like a PEP talk, with a beautiful accent, to inspire my practice and build my confidence in English speaking.

I highly recommend that whoever wants to improve English speaking skills start the fabulous lessons with Lee now.

Sophie C, from Taiwan

I want to express my deep gratitude to Lee. She has a lot of patience during lessons, and each time prepares a new interesting topic. During the class, we read, listen to recordings, and talk a lot. I feel I’m really progressing in my study of the English language.

Oksana N, from Ukraine